Paola Mattioli

Paola, you come from a very diverse artistic background in stage design and restoring antique furniture. How did you first become interested in Art Clay Silver?

I have always liked using and experimenting with new techniques to personalize my jewelry and my artistic background has always been a great support. It’s incredible how the theoretical and practical study of different artistic disciplines when applied together can help you to create something of your own.

I started creating small jewelry when I was young, then studying different artists, their techniques, their use of colors and their modeling. I later started working in the art of restoring antique furniture which puts the practice of everything together in terms of scientific and manual techniques, which for me has been fundamental and of great help to continue my artistic research in the creation of jewelry. From working with beads and stones, I went on to shaping wire and then polymer clay to finally arrive at Art Clay Silver. When I start a project, I always try to study the details which will make my creation unique and precious, using for example a clasp or a particular decorative element that can’t be found on the market but which are born simply and only from my hands. This is the reason I fell in love with art clay silver.

You have expressed a love for art in all its forms. Which kind of art inspires you most for your creations?

There is not one particular form of art which inspires me, I certainly like to get ideas from antique and classical arts to create linear and modern forms.

You are very active in the Italian artistic community. Does that constant interaction with your peers and audience help with your creative process?

Everything around me, from interaction with nature and with other artists, peers and audience helps my creative process. Nothing is left aside and everything is absolutely necessary to enrich my personality and give life to new ideas.

In recent years your work has become much more recognized. How challenging is it for you to maintain a high caliber of work?

I am constantly in search of new stimulation to always achieve original creations and it is not always easy to have an ideas that make your creations stunning and particular. Often you make mistakes but by making mistakes you learn……… certainly everything I create must firstly be to my liking and satisfy my personal taste.

As an artist, how do you personally ensure that you continue to grow?

I believe the true growth of an artist is when you can create something original, with love, fun, capacity and intelligence, which satisfies your own taste and that of others. If I could cite a phrase which for me fully describes how an artist should be, I would cite a phrase of Saint Francis of Assisi which says: “One who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist”.