Marta Edöcs

Marta, when you create, how important is it for you to be in the right creative mind space?

My pieces are rarely spontaneous works. Most often it is a long process from an idea to the final creation, and a good part of that happens inside my head. I make sketches, make some samples. I have the feeling that my works have to be perfect. I like to keep my eyes open. Inspiration is everywhere. It can be a nice shape, a space, some music, or a mood. Being together with other creative people, or visiting a museum is the real brainstorming environment for me. I love the process of how ideas get to be realized. I often make only some components and think about their connections, or their future for a long time.

It is very important for me to have the right working atmosphere.

You started off your artistic journey working with glass and studying under the renowned artist Laszlo Hefter. That must have been an amazing experience for you. How did you make the progression from glass to silver clay? How much does glass affect the way you work with metal clay?

 Having a great master determines my works. He taught us to create at a high standard.

I made glass beads, glass components and was looking for a way to make jewelry with them.

Silversmithing seemed to be a serious profession. At that time I saw somebody working with silverclay and had the chance to try the material. It was an amazing experience. In the meantime learned silversmithing technics as well and I often combine glass, traditional silversmithing technics and Art Clay Silver. In these combinations using of Art Clay really determines my design. I think I have a different way of using Art Clay Silver than most metal clay artists do. In some ways, it is as if I speak another language! But this is all right.

I often make samples for my workshops and this leads me to new technics and new inspirations. I tend to make more jewelry where –instead of focusing on the glass- I’m more inspired by the endless possibilities that Art Clay offers.

Reading your artist biography, you have done an incredible amount of shows and sole exhibitions. Having done such a large body of shows, what is the effect of that on your work today?

I am a very creative person, have always many ideas in my mind that have to be done.( It can be sometimes as if I would have many problems that I have to solve) If I have some shows coming , I try to make some new works that are better or bigger or a challenge to make in a different way. All of my works are unique.

You have said that simplicity of form is very important to you. Why?

Simple because I really think less is more.