Jana Vesela

Jana thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us today. Can you please first tell us a bit about your artistic background and what brought you to Art Clay Silver? I know that you are a multitalented artist and work with various forms of expression, from glass and enamel to jewelry making and photography. Please tell us more about you.

I first started making jewelry with enamel on copper when studying documentary film making, television and photography at University, starting with small formats and jewelry I continued with large plate enamels, having the opportunity to make the big pieces at the enamel symposium in Kecskemet, Hungary.

My work showed in France, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, every year my pieces continue to show in different exhibitions in Czech.

The world of enamel is a bit strange and mysterious; you can find unrepeatable colors that vary depending on the weather, temperature and humidity. I kept trying to move the boundaries of color choices but I still missed one important thing – dimensionality, so I got to Art Clay Silver.

After the first course and my first experience with the material I realized this is exactly what I was looking for, a great material that let me go to the surface and into space. It took me some time to learn to manage this material before I could be the one who decides what arises, at that moment this interesting material had me addicted. I'm still learning, seeking new methods of using Art Clay and discovering new possibilities.

You live in an amazing city- Prague. With a rich legacy of history and culture, does that affect your work?

Prague is a beautiful city with a long history and a deep soul. During the years I studied at the University in Prague I had a chance to absorb a lot of inspiration.

Besides the alchemy of old Prague, in my perception of colors and shapes is imprinted the Mediterranean world. As a child I lived in Beirut, Lebanon and Tunisia. I am always so happy to go back to Tunisia.

What is your artistic journey about? Is it to express inner emotions or are you trying to capture nature?

My jewelry and artwork are purely emotional and sensational.

Although I use a lot of plant motifs I am attracted to the structure, the surfaces of things, touching a human hand. Mostly I create a collection where individual motifs elaborate until I'm satisfied with the result.

What are your plans for the rest of 2015 and what would you say is the greatest challenge that you face as an artist?

This year is full of many changes. I left the gallery and I decided to focus on my jewelry and giving lessons of Art clay to the public.

The greatest challenge for this year is completing a book about Art Clay Silver to be released in September.

Very soon I plan to open an online academy for making silver jewelry. It will be full of different kind of videos where you can learn techniques and ideas how to work with Art Clay.

I am also preparing a project of three master classes that I want to introduce on the world level, not just in Czech.

I just finished a book about the work of the ACS in collaboration with many world authors, which is soon to be published..

I am also preparing the next book in Czech and English, which will be purely instructional, ten pieces of jewelry taught step by step, from simple to complex. The book will be associated with kit sets, where each project is ready packaged with necessary materials and tools.

I am also working on a series of training videos that are already in production and will be published on a national website  www.kurzyproradost.cz in march 2016.

My web  is www.jana-vesela.com.