Czapla Renata Sosin

I think that for the planet "My Family", a tiny moon called Art, prevailed for a long time.

My father painted pictures; he was an amateur, he painted with passion, for himself and for his family. His sister and brother also practiced some art. My daughter is a ceramicist artist .I tried to sculpt in clay, sometimes I created images with pieces of fabric. I was looking for my own unique way of expression.

In 2012 when I discovered metal clay available on the Polish market, then I thought to myself - maybe this is something for me? Maybe I should try? .... So I tried :)

I did the first course for creating jewelry with metal clays at Planetart. It was a wonderful experience, even then I knew that this is it. I fell in love with this completely ... constantly perfecting my skills, took further courses in Planetart, and I received the qualification of Certified instructor of Art Clay. Now I have my own little studio and am very happy.

Passion plays a fundamental role in my life. I live with passion, I create with passion, I love with a passion - it cannot be otherwise!

Creating jewelry became my means of expression, of communication with the world ...

Here I express my emotions.

As a woman, I take the jewelry to complement my clothes, without it there is always some empty space.... I think that jewelry really says a lot about the person.

I create jewelry with my thoughts, memories, my desires ... with moments suspended somewhere outside of time ...

I like my work but the visual layer also has a symbolic link to feelings and emotions, I want not only adornment for the wearer, but something that expresses and appeals to both the heart and soul, with features both personal and distinctive.

My inspiration I draw spontaneously from life, the events, the nature of its various forms, materials, colors.

I'm interested in archetypes and symbols identifying my vision of the world, both visible and invisible ...

The ethnic, often primitive nature of my work is the result of my fascination with multicultural world.

I love to experiment by combining raw forms with subtle details, to weave ethnic motifs in modern forms;

It gives me a lot of joy and brings surprising results.

What I consider most important in my work are: the joy of creation and exploration of new forms solutions. The great Polish theater director Krystian Lupa once said in an interview that "a person should really take care of your inner lunatic, because this lunatic is the carrier of his imagination". I agree with that. Imagination is the most important word in the world :)

What I consider most important in my work are: the joy of creation and exploration of new forms solutions.

What inspires me?

Well, I have no clear answer to this question and I will not be here for the original :) inspires me everything, life, situations, events, my thoughts, prose, poetry, painting is great and I really like Art Brut ... Like painter publishes a message in his painting, so I at my with some jewelry telling a story, it contains my message.

I must say here that metal clay is for me a great creative material, it allows you to get everything in a desired shape, and it is amazing! The work on each project is great fun for me, and although sometimes it takes a long time it brings surprisingly good results. I fell in love with this creative material so much.

I do not think about the future, for me it is only here and now …maybe except for one dream: I want to live close to the sea, almost on the beach ;)


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