Visiting Japanese teacher workshop, Netherlands.

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Report by Henriette Van Battum

The weekend of the 7th and 8th of November was entirely characterized by Japan and Art Clay Silver. We welcomed the Japanese guest instructor Kae Isono in the Netherlands, accompanied by Daisuku Minagawa from Aida Chemicals Japan.

Ms. Kae Isono is a graduate of the Metal working course of Crafts Department in Osaka University of Arts. At present she is teaching specialty skill-up courses at Art Clay Headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka.

She established her own Jewelry brand [MUI-MUI] to create and sell original work. Beside teaching Art Clay, she collaborates with an apparel brand for original products, and her work is sold at selected shops in major department stores.

The masterclass of the first day: "Air Setting Ring". Let’s say that it appears to be quite a challenge. The principle is slightly different from the way we usually set up and finish a ring. Especially for natural stones which can not be heated in a kiln, this technique is great.

At noon we enjoyed a good lunch; soup and richly filled sandwiches. We ended the day with a nice dinner at "Rendez Vous" in Mijdrecht. Delicious dishes and drinks, all while enjoying a laugh, recalling memories and sharing ideas for the future.

The next day we designed a pendant; "Intaglio Pendant". In this masterclass we learned all sorts of new techniques, sometimes so simple but yet so useful. The special techniques used in this design are creating detailed 3D ornaments with only Art Clay Syringe, the use of a beading tool to create a decorative bead design and making a deep engraved framework for a great appeal of the work. And after 2 days it is all over, which is too bad because I always enjoy those days immensely!


Written by Henriette van Battum