Art Clay Product Series

Art Clay Silver Regular Type Series

This is the basic type. There are Clay, Paste and Syringe type.

Art Clay Silver 950

For Professional use.  High strength, high hardness silver alloy metal clay.

Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish (ST) Series

A piece made of Slow Tarnish clay can maintain its shine even longer with regular jewelry cleaning.

Art Clay Copper

Art Clay Copper is more than 99.5% pure Copper after firing.

Art Clay Silver Paper Type Series

Art Clay Silver Paper Type is a material designed to bend and fold easily without the need to add water.

Art Clay Gold Clay Type

High quality 22-Karat gold after firing and contracts about 15% during the firing process.

Art Clay Gold Paste Type

Art Clay Gold Paste comes in a viscous liquid form, comes in two bottles. 

Overlay Silver Paste

This Art Clay product is specifically formulated to bond to non-porous or glazed surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain.