Art Clay Silver Paper Type Series

Characteristics of Art Clay Silver Paper Type

Different characteristics from other Art Clay Silver series products. Art Clay Silver Paper Type is a material designed to bend and fold easily without the need to add water.  By simply using a craft punch, scissors, or cutter, you will be able to cut the material easily and precisely.  It turns into 99.9% pure silver after firing (contains 96% fine silver prior to firing). You can apply techniques from Origami , paper-crafting, fabric and leather crafting. Shrink up to 10% in length.

Regular Paper type

Available in 10g   Size: 75 x 75 x 0.25mm thickness

Paper Type Long

  • Available in 15g package.  Size: 40 x 200 x  0.25mm thickness.
  • This type is used for making "Silver Quilling".

Paper Type Plus

  • Available in 35g package.  Size: 85 x 85x 0.6mm thickness
  • This type is used for making "Origami jewellery".

Check before start making

  • Do not apply any additional moisture onto the surface. It will remain soft during your work without moistening.
  • Do not apply any excess moisture onto Paper Type, or it will lose its characeristics.
  • If your piece has a crack, you can repair it after firing with Art Clay Silver Paste Type.
  • Drying the piece is no needed before firing.  Do not use a hot air dryer or other appliances to dry the piece. It may become fragile due to the binder's characteristic. Do not dry the piece on top of an electic kiln, the binder may catch fire.

Firing : Only kiln firing is available

Place the piece into a cold kiln and raise the temperature to 800℃/1472°F for 30 minutes or 850℃/1562°F for 20 minutes. Please take at least 10 minutes to reach those temperature.


  • Do not put the piece into a warm kiln excedding a temperature of 200℃/392°F, as it may cause deformation or may burst.
  • Ventilate your workroom well during firing. Although the binder is not harmful for humans, it creates smoke during firing.
  • Firing with butane torch, gas stove and microwave kiln is not available, since Paper Type is very thin material, and these firing methods may melt the piece. It may cause a spark with very thin material, and these firing methods may melt the piece. It may cause a spark with microwave kiln firing.
  • When firing a dimensinal piece, use a support material, such as fiber branket, to avoid deforming. Do not pack the support material too tightly in the folded Paper Type. It will affect the shrinkage process, and may cause the piece to break.
  • When taking the fired piece from the kiln, do not touch it with your fingers as it will still be hot. For polishing, cool it down completely and finish the piece.


  • Do not store or work with this product at a temperature of more than 50℃/122°F and/or humidity more than 80%.
  • Do not store in a refrigerator.
  • Store the unused portion of Paper Type in the original paper package at room temperature.
  • You do not need to store in plastic wrap or an airtight container.
  • Keep the clay indoors and out of direct sunlight and also keep it out of the reach of children.

Re-Use of Paper Type

  • You cannot reconstitute the remaining or left over portion into either Art Clay Silver Clay Type or the original Paper Type by adding water, because the reconditioned clay is hard to dry and may burst during firing. Paper Type cannot be reconstituted by rolling into a sheet. You can recycle Paper Type to use as Paste. Please note that strength in dried state, and that adhesiveness is weaker than Art Clay Silver Paste Type.
  • Do not mix Paper Type with other Art Clay Series products since different binder is used.
  • Feeling sticky surface of Paper type touching with moistened finger is normal, coming from the character of Paper Type.


  • You may find brown spots on Paper Type surface, which coming from discoloration of binder. It will go away after firing.
  • Use it soon after opening the package.
  • If you get any of this product in your eyes or mouth, flush immediately with plenty of water and call your physician.